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My grandfather dried grapes at his ranch, giving me  huge stacks of paper to draw on. My grandmother taught me to make beads out of seed magazines and used egg whites for glue.  After that, I was trying everything. I haven't stopped. Years of accumulated classes and experiences. Nineteen years as a craft store owner, designing crafts.  Life has been very good and I have been blessed with having a very supportive husband. Bob.  When I don't feel like making glass beads, I make felted ones. Felting fills in between glass. 

I sell my beads on Etsy. Hope you

will drop by.


Welcome to my website. Lampwork bead making has been a wonderful opportunity to create. It is sculpting, designing, photography and a little danger all rolled into one. I have been making glass beads for over ten years, taking classes from some of the best lampworkers around.  It has been wonderful.  I now have a full time studio in our backyard. That means heat and air conditioning. In Visalia California, that means that I won't melt in the summer or freeze in the winter.